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Starting From Me!

My name is Chris and this is my personal review about Clenbuterol, a widely used legal steroid which has gained so much attention of bodybuilders. It was 2 years ago when I preferred using Clenbuterol, a powerful androgenic molecule used to eliminate fats and produce lean body mass. The history of Clenbuterol says otherwise, where it used to be a treatment for Asthma and several breathing disorders. After using Clenbuterol I had to witness some of the agonizing side effects, the low sexual function was one of them. So I had to pause it and did a workout plan with slight diet modification. THIS WASN’T ENOUGH! After reading online about Clenbutrol, a legal alternative of Clenbuterol I asked myself if I can give it a try. The current situation of mine was in need of some miracle, which means extra help, so here I bought it from the Crazy Bulk site. After using Clenbutrol I must say you can really rely on these natural aids. Let’s start it from the beginning, shall we?

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Clenbuterol is a legal steroid for cutting cycle, which has replaced the anabolic steroid Clenbuterol in past couple of years.

Not every bodybuilding supplement is for weight loss, after building too much of muscles mass some of us wants to go back and work on cuts.

Men with cutting physique look hotter, more chiseled and they have a very minimum amount of fats in their system.

It’s hard to get rid of the excessive body fats especially after using too many steroids which are highly dangerous with the history of adverse events known to men.

What is Clenbuterol?

Those who say Crazy bulk Clenbutrol is a legal alternative of Clenbuterol are perfectly right.

Clenbutrol is a legal cutting supplement by Crazy Bulk which has created a unique formula with the help of natural ingredients.


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Other steroids like Sustanon, Decaduro, and Dianabol are purely androgenic hormones, which compromises so many functions in your body.

The natural components in Clenbutrol create vivid cuts on your body and supply the maximum amount of energy to your workout cycle.

It’s a non-prescription cutting supplement which has a clinically approved formula.

What Is It For?

Clenbuterol is recommended for men and women who want to burn the extra amount of fats and create a wonderful cutting shaped body.

The use of Clenbutrol pops up in the beach season or where you are looking for becoming leaner.

Used by many Hollywood celebrities for getting slim and fit, Clenbutrol can let you win the race of cutting cycle.

How Clenbuterol Works?

According to my research on Clenbuterol, here is how it works

1. By Thermogenesis

Increasing body heat signatures means your body is allowed to work out with maximum intensity. The real purpose is to increase the overall BASAL METABOLIC RATE which converts the fat reservoir as an energy form and gives you extra energy supply.

Cutting cycle requires lots of energy for efficient results which is what Clenbuterol’s ingredients are here for.

2. Increase Oxygenation

Maximum oxygen supply is a key to cutting phase, where it fulfills the demands of oxygen by every muscle. During the workout, there is a big need for oxygen, which also affects your cardiac output when you are getting frequent oxygen supply you will work out for as long as you want with extreme vigor. This will also affect your cutting cycle in a positive way.

3. Promotes Muscle Retention

No matter how extreme amount of intensity you are utilizing in exercise you will retain the lean muscle mass, Clenbuterol doesn’t target the lean mass in your body, instead, it targets the superficial fat lying on the top of your muscles.

Other than that, natural compounds in Clenbuterol suppress your appetite which doesn’t allow you to eat much and burn the maximum amount of fats in no time.

What’s In Clenbutrol?

After reading about each and every single ingredient in Clenbutrol, there were no questions left in my mind.

Ingredients of Clenbuterol

All the ingredients I searched about being 100% natural and they have no reports of side effects since the last couple of years.

Some of the major ingredients which make Clenbutrol such a powerful legal steroid are:

1) Garcinia Cambogia

This has gone very well with the Hydroxycitric Acid, an active constituent in Garcinia Cambogia which is used by millions of people for weight loss.

The purpose of Garcinia extract in Clenbutrol is simple, it stops the enzyme which produces fat on your muscles.

By blocking this enzyme chain not only you will stop the fat accumulation, but also transform the lean muscle mass in a most unique way.

HCA looks after your calorie consumption and keeps you motivated throughout the day. 

2) Guarana Extract

Guarana extract is available in Clenbutrol with about 22% of caffeine. Caffeine is used in weight loss as well as mental stimulation, so there will be no clumsiness for the gym or the complaints of overtiredness.

3) Citrus Aurantium

Clenbutrol is a sympathomimetic amine, which is replaced by Clenbutrol due to the natural formula. Now, what this ingredient does mimic the effect of ephedrine without delivering side effects, ephedrine increase thermogenesis and keep your body equipped with a maximum energy supply.

4) Nicotinamide B3

Remember the process of excessive oxygen supply? This ingredient is somehow responsible for it. Nicotinamide is a source of Vitamin B3, which offers many benefits to your bodies such as increasing power and stamina but that’s not it.

Its real function is to enhance the process of vasodilation, the opening of blood vessels which increase blood supply to every corner of your body.

When there is an improved blood supply, oxygen transportation will be enhanced which delivers all kinds of essential nutrients to your muscles to attain maximum cuts.

Clenbuterol Cycle

The recommended Clenbuterol cycle is of 8 weeks duration after which user has to take 1.5 weeks gap.

This is for your body to eliminate the free radicals in the meantime, after which you can start using it again.

My Clenbuterol cycle was about 8 weeks, which is quite enough if you perform the regular workout.

In other cycles, you can add some few legal supplements, but if you are on Clenbuterol, I think it’s quite sufficient alone for cutting phase.

Clenbuterol Dosage

The daily recommended dose for Clenbuterol is 3 capsules. You can take them individually, but according to my advice, take 3 capsules at once before starting your workout.

This may cause an efficient boost in your performance and allows you to do exercises with full vigor.

Do not take it with milk or other fat containing drink, a glass of water is fine.

Clenbuterol Results

I didn’t know using Clenbuterol for only 2 months can transform my physique completely.

I have divided my 8-weeks cutting cycle with Clenbuterol into four parts, after each part, I experienced something new about the supplement which I would like to share.

Clenbuterol Results after 2 Weeks

Tired and worn off by the day, I remember when I used Clen for the very first time. After engulfing 3 capsules I hit the gym and did some plenty amount of exercise. The first 3 days were normal for my body was getting familiar with the effects.

Clenbuterol before and after cutting cycle

After a week I noticed the energy supply in my muscles has been enhanced. That allowed me to do the tough kind of workouts with a ease.

Clenbuterol Results after 4 Weeks

After a month with Clenbuterol, I noticed these results

  • Reduced fat mass
  • Lean mass retention
  • Reduction of abdominal fats
  • Mental agility
  • Sexual boost

These effects appear best when you have planned an efficient dietary regimen with a regular workout for at least 1.5-2 hours.

6-Weeks Results

After 1.5 months of intense workout and a regular dose of Clenbuterol, I finally dropped 16 pounds of weight. This couldn’t have been done if my workout sessions were intense and that is all because of Clenbuterol. The supercharging formula helped me retain the hard-earned muscle mass and burnt all the fat that has been blocking my new body looks.

Clenbuterol Results after 8 Weeks

Has anyone noticed that these legal steroids are not limited to, delivering only physical effects? Because my day job requires me to use so many analyzing techniques which sometimes get on my nerves.

A month with Clenbuterol and I found it helped me regain confidence and become sharp at work. Whether you are at the gym, office or having sex with your girlfriend, your mental energy will never be lesser.

Cutting cycle requirements are quite tougher which needs the right amount of stamina. Clenbuterol increase the stamina level that helped me burn more fat than I could burn in a YEAR.

My bench press and ability to do crunches have been enhanced to the remarkable extent. My muscle quality is impressive, they’re rigid, sturdy and when you touch it you can feel the difference.

Overall Benefits of Clenbutrol

  • Completely natural formula
  • Can be used as a weight loss supplement
  • Preserve lean mass
  • Eliminate the harmful fats from your system
  • Stronger and tougher muscles
  • Clinically approved formula
  • No side effects
  • Immediate results

Where To Buy Clenbutrol Online?

If you are moving towards GNC, eBay or Walmart to purchase Clenbutrol then let me tell you it’s a folly choice.

Buy Clenbuterol online

Legal steroids are available in wide range most of which simply do not work. Clenbutrol is manufactured by one of the most reputable retailers of Legal Steroids which are known as Crazy Bulk.

For me, ordering from their official page seemed quite easy and it saved me some money too.

They have a money back guarantee which I’m not sure about, but yes the customer review section helped me quite a lot to make up my mind.


Clenbutrol ingredients are the main reason why this supplement is reviewed as the best legal steroid for cutting cycle.

It can be used either by men and women for an efficient weight loss and to become slimmer once again.

There is no history of side effects with the formula of Clenbutrol and that is guaranteed by many users and the company who makes it.

Supplements only serve as an extra hand in your workout schedule, your main focus should be on the daily exercise plan and a strictly planned diet.

Combining these 2 things with a proficient supplement like Clenbutrol, you can transform your body into whatever in a short time-span.

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